Heavy Truck Cabs

Klippan Safety produces systems and components in particular for the living area of the truck cab. Comfortable and ergonomic beds and bunks, complemented by storage solutions for practical cargo handling of utensils and private belongings of the driver and occupants.


Storage solutions






Klippan Safety offers modular safety bunks and beds. Bed widener, recliner functions and fall restraints are integrated into the beds to meet customer expectations. The comfort packages and mattresses can be adapted to fit all customers in all markets.






Klippan Safety mattress systems are designed with excellent comfort. Since truck drivers spend very much time in their cabs, it is important in all aspects to fulfil the daily user requirements of rest and good sleep. Our long time experience in designing products for sleeping comfort gives us as a leading position in providing good comfort and healthy ergonomics.



Climbing systems



We offer various innovative climbing systems that supports the daily user in all kinds of truck cabs.



Restraint systems


Restraint systems

Klippan Safety has a variety of restraints for bunks. All restraints are tailor-made to customer specifications. To meet customer demands, our products are tested in our in-house crash test rig for safety certification. All Klippan Safety restraint systems are tested with dynamic as well as static loads.



Belt systems



We offer several different designs of safety belt systems, tailor-made to suit customer requirements. During development, the products are tested in our in-house crash test rig and we use an accredited testing institute for homologation.






Klippan Safety manufactures single straps as well as complete strap systems. All straps are based on customer design requirements. Our straps are produced in different shape and colour.



Net pockets



Klippan Safety manufactures net pockets to suit customer requirements. Our net pockets can be made with a selection of frames and net designs, and are designed for easy installation in customer products.



Bug screens



Bug/insect screens protect cooling units from losing cooling capacity and reducing engine damage.