Genuine industrialists

Over the years, we have consistently delivered uncompromised quality and reliability. Only 0 defects and 100% delivery precision is good enough for us. This is why Klippan Safety is a competitive and trustworthy system supplier in the global market.

Optimize and supervise

Throughout the whole development process, production and logistics engineers as well as production personnel are involved to secure that your product will be efficiently put into production. The product is optimized to improve production quality, reduce assembly time and
production cost. We assure that work safety and efficient logistics are included at an early stage in the process. Tools used to prepare for an efficient, high quality production include Design For Assembly methodology, Kanban flow and Poka-Yoke solutions.

Eliminate and improve

When production has started, the production process is continually improved during the entire lifetime of the product. Unnecessary activities and variants are eliminated, and incremental improvements are made to increase productivity. Quality improves as waste is eliminated, while production time and cost are reduced. Motivated and committed employees make this happen in their daily work. Continuous improvements increase customer value and make Klippan Safety a competitive system supplier in the global market.