Development process

Our way on the road

The Klippan Safety project management system assures that cost, quality and timing targets are met. Our development process enables us to be an effective and well-organised system partner in every step of the way.

Design engineering

The staff in the experienced development team at Klippan Safety work closely together with partnering OEMs or other customers. Development is often carried out within common PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, remote or locally. The quality assurance starts at an early stage in the design process with state of the art data quality tools, and prototype builds. CAE simulations are continuously used in the development process to predict the physical behaviour of a system and to take early actions to meet all product requirements.

The numerical simulation competence results in analyses with high confidence in areas such as:

  • Structural deformations at various load cases
  • Failure or fracture of the structure
  • Behaviour in fatigue
  • Crash and impact behaviour
  • Vibrational response of structures (modal analyses)


The extensive prototype shop delivers prototypes throughout the development phase, starting with conceptual demonstrations to pre-production systems with superb finish. Our prototype shop can create almost any vehicle relevant interior system. In addition, every prototype is made in a short lead time with a high level of quality thanks to a combination of metal works, 3D additive manufacturing, textile works and wooden materials.